QRL [TAPE DRIVE] AIT 35, 35GB Tape Drive
QRL [TAPE DRIVE] AIT 35, 35GB Tape Drive
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QRL, Quick Reference List
Tape Drive: AIT 35, 35GB Tape Drive
Updated: 08-MAR-2001 Article Expiration Date: 27-APR-2002
Part Description: Part V Spare Part
Number: C Number:
Bar Code Label Pack (100 data and 10 cleaning
labels), HP AIT Q2005A
Cable, 68-Pin HD/68-Pin HD, 5m
(External Cable only) 328215-001
Cable, 68-Pin HD/68-Pin HD, 10m
(External Cable only) 328215-002
Cable, 68-Pin HD/VHDCI, 12 ft
(External Cable only) 341177-B21
Cartridge, Cleaning 402374-B21 (Part removed as per QuickSpec Changes, 10/07/2003)
Cartridge, Cleaning *Manta Ray Lite,
Assembly Number 402373-001 FE-19262-01 211089-001
Cartridge, hp AIT Cleaning Q1996A
Cartridge, hp AIT-3 100GB Data Q1999A 282887-001
Cartridge, Data 35/70, *Manta Ray Lite,
Assembly Number 402369-001 FE-19299-01 211090-001
Cartridge, Data QTY 5 402371-B21 (Part removed as per QuickSpec Changes, 10/07/2003)
Cassette, AIT 50-GB Data Cassette, 5 Pack 152841-001 (Part removed as per QuickSpec Changes, 10/07/2003)
Data Cartridge, HP AIT - 1 70 GB Q1997A
Drive, Tape AIT 35/70, 35GB Internal *Sales
Option 388504-B21 FE-13437-01 122875-001
Drive, Tape AIT 35, 35GB External *Sales
Option 338507-B21 FE-13438-01 122876-001
Drive, Tape AIT 35 LVD, Hotplug *Manta Ray
Lite FE-17208-01 218575-002
Drive, Tape AIT 35GB LVD, External, *Manta
Ray Lite, (Carbon), Option Part #
216885-001, Assembly Part # 216883-002 FE-18979-01 218576-001
Drive, AIT 35GB, LVD, Internal
(Option Part # 216884-B21) (Carbon)
3R-A2392-AA (Carbon) FE-17188-01 218575-001
Drive, AIT 35GB, Hot Plug
(Option Part # 216886-B21) (Carbon)
3R-A2396-AA (Carbon) FE-17208-01 218575-002
3U Rackmount Kit
(Option Part # 274338-B21)
(No drives included. Accommodates up to 4
internal AIT drives)
NOTE: The AIT 35GB, LVD does not ship with
media or cleaning cartridge. AIT 35-GB
Data Cassette 5 Packs (402371-B21) and
the AIT Cleaning Cassette (402374-B21)
are available to order.
Terminator, LVD, SE *Manta Ray Lite,
Assembly Number 163189-001 FE-19116-01 226746-001
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QRL [TAPE DRIVE] AIT 35, 35GB Tape Drive
QRL [TAPE DRIVE] AIT 35, 35GB Tape Drive 1