B2S31A HP WG SL390 48GB 2xM2070 Vol 47U Rack - Spare Part Numbers

Keyword Part Number Description
Battery462976-001Battery module with integrated charger , Ni-MH, 4.8V, 650mAh - For use with the P212, P410, and P411 SAS controller boards with battery backed write cache (BBWC)
Bezel204507-001Front bezel for UPS R3000 XR (Black)
Cable488138-001Battery cable - 15POS, 28AWG, 600mm (23.6 inches) long - For use with Smart Array battery backed write cache (BBWC) - Connects between the battery pack and the memory module
Cable622068-001Cable for remote console management enablement connectivity
Cable498422-001Mini SAS cable assembly - 32.4cm (12.75in) long
Cable620754-001Motherboard (system board) power cable - For use with SL390
Cable621295-001Power cable - Left system board
Cable621294-001Power cable - Right system board
Cable621290-001SATA cable - Front cable, 1U form factor long
Cable621291-001SATA cable - Rear cable, 1U form factor long
Cable621293-001SL390 power cable assembly - Left redundant power system (RPS)
Cable621292-001SL390 power cable assembly - Right redundant power system (RPS)
Cable Kit600670-001Cable kit - Includes power, LED, Remote Configuration Module (RCM) cables
Cable Kit576897-001Cable kit - SAS, SL160 to SL170 - Includes RJ45 to unit identity (UID), 60cm (23.62in) long
Cable Kit576896-001Cable kit - Unit Identification (UID) LED, 2U form factor, G6 to RJ45
Card589015-001X16 riser card - PCI Express, 1-slot, 16-module T2
Controller462919-001Smart Array P410 controller board - PCIe x8 SAS controller - Has two internal x4 mini-SAS ports - For up to 6Gb/sec transfer rate SAS and up to 3Gb/sec transfer rate SATA - Does not include memory or backup power
Door385966-001Front door assembly - For 10636 rack (10000 G2) - Includes hinges, front lock bar, and screws
Drive642266-001600GB SAS hard disk drive - 10,000 RPM, 6Gb per second transfer rate (TR), 2.5-inch small form factor (SFF), Quick Release (QR)
Fan600659-001System fan non-redundant - 80mm (3.14in)
Handle768486-001Chassis lift handle kit
Heat Sink620812-001Processor heatsink
Memory (DIMM)501536-0018GB, 1333MHz, PC3-10600R-9, DDR3, dual-rank x4, 1.50V, registered dual in-line memory module (RDIMM)
Memory (DIMM)606425-0018GB, 1333MHz, PC3L-10600R-9, DDR3, dual-rank x4, 1.35V, registered dual in-line memory module (DIMM)
Memory Module462975-001512MB battery backed write cache (BBWC) memory module, 72B wide - Does not include batteries
PC Board589012-001DL380G6 motherboard (system bboard) 30 watts, Input-Output (I/O)
PC Board620760-001InfiniBand (IB) enablement board
PC Board663289-001S6500 backplane - Power, data, high-efficiency
PC Board622099-001s6500 D2PAK personality board
PC Board620755-001SL390 lookback board - Input-output (I/O) hub (IOH)
PC Board620753-001System board - Includes Intel Nehalem processor installer, thermal grease syringe, processor alcohol pad, and thermal grease application card
Power Cord142258-001AC power distribution unit (PDU) power cord (Black) - 250VAC, 16AWG, 2.0m (6.6ft) long - Includes IEC-320 C14 (M) connector to IEC 320 C13 (F) connector
Power Cord142258-002AC power distribution unit (PDU) power cord (Black) - 250VAC, 16AWG, 2.5m (8.2ft) long - Includes IEC-320 C14 (M) connector to IEC 320 C13 (F) connector
Power Cord416151-B21PDU power cord
Power Cord538266-001Power cord (black) - 1.82m (6ft) long, 12A (Japan)
Power Cord491683-AA1Power cord (Black) - 3-wire, 1.83m (6ft) long (China)
Power Supply579229-0011200W AC Common Slot (CS) 'Platinum' hot-plug power supply - Installs in the computer chassis as primary or redundant supply (94% efficiency) - Requires 100-240VAC at 50/60Hz - Multiple power supplies used in the sever must be the same model number
Power Supply Kit578322-B21HP 1200W CS Platinum Power Supply Kit
Processor594884-001Intel Xeon X5650 Six-Core 64-bit processor - 2.66GHz (Westmere-EP, 12MB Level-3 cache, Intel QuickPath Interconnect (QPI) speed 6.4 GT/s, 95 watt thermal design power (TDP), FCLGA 1366 socket)
Rack Mount Kit600663-001Rack managment arm assembly - 4U narrows down to 2U
Tray712828-001Tray assembly - Half Width, L2, without MEL, right