JC611A 10508-V Switch Chassis - Spare Part Numbers

Keyword Part Number Description
Cable5185-8627Console port serial cable - 1.8m (5.9ft) long, 8-core shielded cable with a (M) RJ45 connector on one end and a (F) DB-9 connector on the other end
Channel5185-8764Power cable channel
Channel5185-8763Upper wire channel
ChassisJC611-61001HP A10508-V switch chassis
ChassisJC611-61101HP A10508-V switch chassis
Hardware5000-9417Fix Angle H6.152.0353MX
Panel5000-9414Front Panel 130.1222 MX
Panel5000-9413Front panel 130.1362MX
Panel5000-9415PSU blanking panel 124.0073 MX
Rack Mount Kit5000-9416Rack kit