V6K57ES HP 800G2EO AiO T i76700 1TB 16.0G 53 PC - Spare Part Numbers

Keyword Part Number Description
Adapter780083-001DisplayPort to HDMI v1.4 video connector cable assembly
Drive724937-0011TB SATA 3Gb/s self-encrypting (SED) solid state hybrid drive (SSHD) - In 2.5-inch form factor
Drive828636-001256GB M.2 2280 PCIe drive module
Heat Sink838245-001Heatsink (thermal module) - Includes replacement thermal material
Keyboard803844-BB1Wireless keyboard, mouse, and dongle kit (Jack Black color)
Keyboard803844-251Wireless keyboard, mouse, and dongle kit (Jack Black color) - (Russia)
Memory (DIMM)834941-0018GB, PC4-17000, DDR4 SDRAM Small Outline Dual In-Line Memory Module (SODIMM)
Panel839006-001Touch display panel kit assembly - For the EliteOne 800 G2 AiO touch
PC Board822826-001System board (motherboard) assembly - For the EliteOne 800 G2 AiO (Tower) - Windows 7.x operating system use only
PC Board822826-601System board (motherboard) assembly - For the EliteOne 800 G2 AiO (Tower) - Windows 8.x Professional operating system use only
Power Supply792224-001Power supply - Rated at 200W output, 92% energy efficient 12V
Processor834936-001Intel Core i7-6700 quad-core processor - 3.4GHz, (Skylake, 8MB Level-3 cache, 350MHz front side bus, socket LGA 1151 65W)
ProductL4K55AV16GB DDR4-2133 (2x8GB) RAM
ProductL4K11AV1TB SATA 6G 2.5 8G SSHD
ProductN2L68AV256GB Turbo Drive G2 SSD- M.2 PCIe cd
ProductL8X23AV9.5mm Slim 800 G2 AIO DVD-Writer ODD
ProductL4K67AVBroadcom BCM943228Z 802.11n M.2 BT NIC
ProductL4J95AVHP DisplayPort To HDMI 4k Adapter
ProductL3N94AVHP EliteOne 800 G2 23-in Touch GPU AiO
ProductN1U53AVHP Recline Stand for 600/705/800 G2 AIO
ProductL4K48AVHP Wireless Business Slim Kyd and Mouse
ProductN2Q44AVIntel Core i7-6700 3.4G 8M 2133 4C CPU
Unknown Keyword837358-001SPS-Antenna cable Pro/Elite G2 AiO
Unknown Keyword839010-001SPS-ASSY CENTER COVER w/mylar 800 G2 AiO
Unknown Keyword839011-001SPS-ASSY CENTER IO DOOR 800
Unknown Keyword839013-001SPS-ASSY FRONT BEZEL NT W/cam 800 G2 AiO
Unknown Keyword839008-001SPS-ASSY MIDDLE BAND BOTTOM 800
Unknown Keyword844853-001SPS-ASSY Middle Band L/R w/ Top Vent 800
Unknown Keyword839005-001SPS-ASSY MIDDLE BAND R WO FP 800 G2 AiO
Unknown Keyword839009-001SPS-ASSY REAR COVER 800
Unknown Keyword840805-001SPS-BD SYS EliteOne 800G2 AiO-GAL NetC
Unknown Keyword839015-001SPS-Cbl Backlight NZBD WLED 800 G2 AiO
Unknown Keyword837357-001SPS-Converter Cable Pro/Elite G2 AiO
Unknown Keyword838238-001SPS-DVD 8X SMD 9.5 w/Bzl 23in G2 AiO
Unknown Keyword837359-001SPS-FAN Pro/Elite G2 AiO
Unknown Keyword839014-001SPS-HDD 1 CABLE(WTB) 800
Unknown Keyword836689-001SPS-HDD+ODD SATA cable ENT15
Unknown Keyword839001-001SPS-Heatsink dGPU Gen Elite AiO23 Ent15
Unknown Keyword838252-001SPS-HP Recline Stand Kit - 23in AIO
Unknown Keyword839239-001SPS-LVDS DGPU 800
Unknown Keyword825646-001SPS-PCA Huracan Converter Board AIO15
Unknown Keyword839012-001SPS-Rear Port Cover Module AiO23 Ent15
Unknown Keyword838235-001SPS-Rubber Foot R and L - 800
Unknown Keyword837361-001SPS-SPEAKER ASSY L/R Pro/Elite G2 AiO
Unknown Keyword839016-001SPS-TOUCH CONTROL CABLE 800 G2 AiO ENT15
Wireless Interface797884-001Broadcom 43228 dual-band 802.11abgn 2x2 Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0 combination adapter (not available in Indonesia)