V8D14US HP 800G2EO AiO T i56500 128G 8.0G 28 PC - Spare Part Numbers

Keyword Part Number Description
Drive816722-001128GB SATA6.0 Solid State Drive (SSD) - With three-dimensional Vertical NAND Flash memory (3D V-NAND) technology
Heat Sink838245-001Heatsink (thermal module) - Includes replacement thermal material
Keyboard803823-001USB slim style Windows 8.x enhanced keyboard (United States)
Memory (DIMM)834941-0018GB, PC4-17000, DDR4 SDRAM Small Outline Dual In-Line Memory Module (SODIMM)
MouseC8N39AVHP USB Mouse
Mouse674316-001HP wireless USB scroll mouse
Panel839006-001Touch display panel kit assembly - For the EliteOne 800 G2 AiO touch
Power Supply792225-001Power supply - Rated at 160W output, 90% energy efficient 12V
Processor834934-001Intel Core i5-6500 quad-core processor - 3.2GHz (Skylake-S, 6MB Level-3 cache, 350MHz front side bus, socket LGA 1151, 65W TDP)
ProductL4K05AV128GB SATA 2.5 3D SSD
ProductL4K60AV8GB DDR4-2133 (1x8GB) RAM
ProductL3N93AVHP EliteOne 800 G2 23-in Touch AiO
ProductL4K43AVHP USB Business Slim Keyboard
ProductM5N92AVIntel 8260 802.11ac M.2 No BT VPro
ProductN2Q42AVIntel Core i5-6500 3.2G 6M 2133 4C CPU
ProductL4S33AVNo included AiO ODD
ProductM1E92AVNo stand opt wVESA cvrplate 800/705G2AiO
Unknown Keyword837358-001SPS-Antenna cable Pro/Elite G2 AiO
Unknown Keyword839010-001SPS-ASSY CENTER COVER w/mylar 800 G2 AiO
Unknown Keyword839011-001SPS-ASSY CENTER IO DOOR 800
Unknown Keyword839007-001SPS-ASSY Display Kits NT 800 G2 AiO
Unknown Keyword839013-001SPS-ASSY FRONT BEZEL NT W/cam 800 G2 AiO
Unknown Keyword839008-001SPS-ASSY MIDDLE BAND BOTTOM 800
Unknown Keyword844853-001SPS-ASSY Middle Band L/R w/ Top Vent 800
Unknown Keyword839005-001SPS-ASSY MIDDLE BAND R WO FP 800 G2 AiO
Unknown Keyword839009-001SPS-ASSY REAR COVER 800
Unknown Keyword822826-002SPS-BD SYS EliteOne 800G2 AiO-DIA
Unknown Keyword840806-001SPS-BD SYS EliteOne 800G2 AiO-DIA NetC
Unknown Keyword822826-602SPS-BD SYS EliteOne 800G2 AiO-DIA WIN
Unknown Keyword839015-001SPS-Cbl Backlight NZBD WLED 800 G2 AiO
Unknown Keyword837357-001SPS-Converter Cable Pro/Elite G2 AiO
Unknown Keyword837359-001SPS-FAN Pro/Elite G2 AiO
Unknown Keyword839014-001SPS-HDD 1 CABLE(WTB) 800
Unknown Keyword836689-001SPS-HDD+ODD SATA cable ENT15
Unknown Keyword825646-001SPS-PCA Huracan Converter Board AIO15
Unknown Keyword839012-001SPS-Rear Port Cover Module AiO23 Ent15
Unknown Keyword838235-001SPS-Rubber Foot R and L - 800
Unknown Keyword838247-001SPS-Slim Opti STD Bezel Trim - 600 Ent15
Unknown Keyword840808-001SPS-Slim Optical Bezel Blank AiO23 Ent15
Unknown Keyword837361-001SPS-SPEAKER ASSY L/R Pro/Elite G2 AiO
Unknown Keyword839016-001SPS-TOUCH CONTROL CABLE 800 G2 AiO ENT15
Unknown Keyword838253-001SPS-VESA Cover - No Stand kit - 23in AiO
Unknown Keyword837356-001SPS-WEBCAM 2MP FHD w/2dmic w/cable Ent15
Wireless Interface806721-001Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 8260NGW 802.11a/g/g/n+ac 2x2 WiFi and Bluetooth 4.2 combination adapter