X7N74AAR HP OMEN REFURB NOTEBOOK 17T-W200 - Spare Part Numbers

Keyword Part Number Description
AC Adapter693706-001AC Smart power adapter (230 watt) - Slim form factor, with power factor correction (PFC) - Requires separate 3-wire AC power cord
Adapter701943-001HDMI to VGA adapter
Antenna857443-001ANTENNA, DUAL
Bezel857450-001BEZEL, LCD HD
Bezel862962-001BEZEL, ODD - for 1.1 SuperPower.
Bezel903305-001BEZEL, ODD BD - for 1.1 SuperPower
Cable (Internal)857462-001CABLE, HDD
Cable (Internal)862964-001CABLE, HDD SUP - for 1.1 SuperPower
Cable (Internal)857458-001CABLE, LCD FHD N-TS 3D
Cable (Internal)857456-001CABLE, LCD FHD N-TS HD
Cable (Internal)857461-001CABLE, LCD UHD N-TS 3D
Cable (Internal)857459-001CABLE, LCD UHD N-TS HD
Cable (Internal)862965-001CABLE, POWER BD SUP - for 1.1 SuperPower
Cable (Internal)857455-001CABLE, TOUCHPAD BD
Cable (Internal)862966-001CABLE, TOUCHPAD BD SUP - for 1.1 SuperPower
Cable (Internal)857454-001CABLE, USB BD
Cable (Internal)862967-001CABLE, USB BD SUP - for 1.1 SuperPower
Connector907562-001GNRC DCIN CA 16p STD 7.4mm 230W L63mm GF - for 1.1 SuperPower. Use Mfg SA#
Cover862955-001ASSY, HINGE CAPS
Cover857464-001ASSY, HINGES
Cover862956-001ASSY, HINGES SUP - for 1.1 SuperPower
Cover912492-001ASSY, RUBBER SCREW CAPS SUP - for 1.1 SuperPower.
Cover862968-001BACK COVER, LCD
Cover908719-001COVER, RAM DOOR SUP - Memory door for 1.1 SuperPower only.
Cover911227-001HDD BRACKETS W/RUBBER SUP - for 1.1 SuperPower. Left+Right as 1 PN.
Cover910443-001RUBBER, TOUCHPAD CLICK SUP - for 1.1 SuperPower.
Cover Pad862960-001BASE ENCLOSURE
Cover Pad862961-001BASE ENCLOSURE SUP - for 1.1 SuperPower. Twinkle Black
DC Conversion Plug858021-001GNRC DCIN CA 10P STD 4.5mm 120W L50 TL
Display798926-009GNRC 17.3 INCH PANEL FHD AG UWVA300 eDP Flat4 GF
Display903815-001GNRC 17.3 INCH PANEL FHDAGUWVA300eDPflatGsyncDDGF - for 1.1 SuperPower use Mfg SA#
Display853322-003GNRC 17.3 INCH PANEL UHDAGUWVA300eDP1.3PSRflatGF
Display903816-001GNRC 17.3 INCH PANEL UHDAGUWVA300eDPflatGsyncDDGF -- for 1.1 SuperPower use Mfg SA#
Drive912487-855ASSY HDD SATA 2TB 5400RPM RAW 7mm 2.5in
Drive827560-026GNRC SSD 128GB 2280 M2 SATA-3 Value PA
Drive847109-002GNRC SSD256GB 2280M2PCIe3x4SS NVMeTLC PA
Drive847110-004GNRC SSD512GB 2280M2PCIe3x4SS NVMeTLC PA
Drive731999-005SPS-HDD 1TB 5400RPM SATA RAW HYBRID 8GB
Drive766644-005SPS-HDD 1TB 7200RPM SATA RAW 9
Drive747080-001SPS-HP USB External DVDRW Drive
Fan910440-001ASSY, FAN SUP - for 1.1 SuperPower. Incl. Left/Right
Hardware Kit857473-001ASSY, SCREW KIT
Hardware Kit862957-001ASSY, SCREW KIT SUP - for 1.1 Super Power.
Heat Sink Compound919571-001HEATSINK DSC SUP N17E KBL-H/SKL-H
Interface (Module)862970-001PCBA, POWER SUP - for 1.1 SuperPower.
Interface (Module)862959-001PCBA, TOUCHPAD BD
Interface (Module)857470-001PCBA, USB BD
Interface (Module)862971-001PCBA, USB SUP - for 1.1 SuperPower.
Memory (DIMM)864271-850ASSY-SODIMM 2GB 2400MHz 1.2v DDR4 - for 1.1 SuperPower.
Memory (DIMM)862397-850GNRC-SODIMM 4GB 2400MHz 1.2v DDR4
Memory (DIMM)862398-850GNRC-SODIMM 8GB 2400MHz 1.2v DDR4
Modem857475-001FRAME, WEBCAM HD
Modem846006-003GNRC WC 1p DM U2 Mjpeg 720p VDH SF
Optical Unit729050-011GNRC ODD SATA BDR/RE 9.5mm Tray Griffin - use Mfg SA#
Optical Unit756564-038GNRC ODD SATA DVDSM 9.5mm Tray Parfait
PC Board915554-001MOTHERBOARD DSC 1070 8GB i7-7700HQ
PC Board915554-601MOTHERBOARD DSC 1070 8GB i7-7700HQ WIN
Power Cord213349-009Power Cord - AC LINE, C5-NEMA, 1.00m
Power Cord121565-001Power Cord - AC LN, DOM, SVT, UNSHLD, Black
Power Module853294-855Assembly-battery 6C 95WH 4.15Ah LI PF060
Power Module849911-850ASSY-BATT 6C 62WH 2.8Ah LI PA0
Power Supply861876-001ASSY, RTC BATTERY
Power Supply857380-001ASSY, RTC BATTERY - for HDD+SSD SKU
Speaker857474-001ASSY, SPEAKERS
Speaker862958-001ASSY, SPEAKERS SUP - for 1.1 Super Power.
Tray Assembly862972-DB1TOP COVER, W/TP W/KB BL EN/FR CAN
Tray Assembly862972-001TOP COVER, W/TP W/KB BL US - TopCover+KB+Touchpad asseMOTHERBOARDled as one part. BL=Back Light
Tray Assembly862973-DB1TOP, COVER W/TP W/KB BL SUP EN/FR - for 1.1 SuperPower.
Tray Assembly862973-001TOP, COVER W/TP W/KB BL SUP US - for 1.1 SuperPower.
Wireless Interface793840-005Wireless (WLAN) module (11AC 7265NV M.2 D0)