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HP PROC DUN 2.13/1066/12M 65

PROC DUN 2.13/1066/12M 65
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List of compatible models includes: DL580G5 2.13 1P SP7047AP Server DL580G5 E7310 2X2M 2P 4G JP Svr DL580G5 E7310 SPBT0816 Server DL580G5 E7320 2X2M 2P 4G CN Svr DL580G5 E7330 2X3M 2P 4G JP Svr DL580G5 E7340 2X4M 4P 8G CN Svr DL580G5 E7350 4P SP9007AP Server DL580G5 E7420 2P 4G US Rmkt Svr DL580G5 E7430 QC 2P 4G Rmkt Svr DL580G5 E7440 4P 8G Rmkt Svr DL580G5 E7440 2P SPJG0924 Server DL580G5 E7440 4P SPJG0909 Server DL580G5 E7450 4P 8G US Rmkt Svr DL580G5 L7455 Processor Kit DL580G5 X7350 4P SP6869EU Server DL580G5 X7460 4P 16G JP Rmkt Svr DL580G5 X7460 4P 16G AP Rmkt Svr DL58G5 E7430 2P 4G Rmkt Svr ProLiant DL580 G5 E7310 1.6GHz Quad Core 2X2M 2 ProLiant DL580 G5 E7340 2.4GHz Quad Core 80W 4P ProLiant DL580 G5 E7440 2.4GHz Quad Core 2P 4GB ProLiant DL580 G5 Server ProLiant DL580 G5 X7350 2.93GHz Quad Core 4P 8G SF DL580G5 Std 4core 8GB Svr

PROCDUN 2.13/1066/12M 65

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