Keyword Part Number Description
BeltCH538-67018Belt assembly - Includes belt tensioner - For 44-inch plotters
BinQ6659-60237Media bin (Gray) - Includes bin and support - Mounts to the printer stand legs - For 44-inch plotters
BumperCH538-67052Left and right side lower roll support bumpers - For the Designjet T series printers
BumperCH538-67051Left and right side upper roll support bumpers - For the Designjet T series printers
BushingQ5669-60687Carriage rear bushing
Cable KitCH538-67006Cable kit - For the Designjet T series printers
Cable KitCN727-67016Cables kit - eMFP and ferrite cables
CarriageQ6675-60043Carriage rail oiler
CartridgeF9K00AHP 745 130-ml Chrmtc Red Ink Cartridge
CartridgeF9J97AHP 745 130-ml Cyan Ink Cartridge
CartridgeF9J95AHP 745 130-ml Magenta Ink Cartridge
CartridgeF9J99AHP 745 130-ml Matte Black Ink Cartridge
CartridgeF9J98AHP 745 130-ml Photo Black Ink Cartridge
CartridgeF9J96AHP 745 130-ml Yellow Ink Cartridge
CartridgeF9K06AHP 745 300-ml Chrmtc Red Ink Cartridge
CartridgeF9K03AHP 745 300-ml Cyan Ink Cartridge
CartridgeF9K01AHP 745 300-ml Magenta Ink Cartridge
CartridgeF9K05AHP 745 300-ml Matte Black Ink Cartridge
CartridgeF9K04AHP 745 300-ml Photo Black Ink Cartridge
CartridgeF9K02AHP 745 300-ml Yellow Ink Cartridge
CartridgeF9J94AHP 745 Intro Chrmtc Red Ink Crtg
CartridgeF9J91AHP 745 Intro Cyan Ink Crtg
CartridgeF9J89AHP 745 Intro Magenta Ink Crtg
CartridgeF9J93AHP 745 Intro Matte Black Ink Crtg
CartridgeF9J92AHP 745 Intro Photo Black Ink Crtg
CartridgeF9J90AHP 745 Intro Yellow Ink Crtg
CoverCN727-60091Back cover assembly (Carbonite) - Includes deflector
CoverCK837-67002Carriage cover - For the Designjet printers
CoverQ6659-60165Front side chassis cover - For 44-inch Designjet photo printer series
CoverCH538-67002Lower roll cover assembly - With pinches - For Designjet printers
CoverCH538-67047Roll cover bi-stable springs left and right - For Designjet printers
CoverCH538-67050Roll cover freewheel assembly - For Designjet printers
CoverCH538-67003Upper roll cover assembly - Includes pinches - For Designjet printers
Cross-BraceQ6659-60236Cross-brace - Connects and supports the two stand legs - For 44-inch plotters
CutterQ5669-60713Cutter assembly - Auto cutter for rollfeed paper
FoamQ6659-60182Full bleed foam kit - For 44-inch plotters
FootQ5669-60715Foot assembly - Includes one foot and one support tube
GuideQ6677-60019Left side roll guide assembly - For 44-inch plotters
GuideQ6675-60044Right side roll guide assembly
HardwareCH538-67022Converger assembly - For the 44-inch Designjet printers
Ink System KitQ6675-67004Ink system purgers - Includes six units
LatchCK837-67001Carriage latch - For the Designjet printers
LegQ5669-60716Leg assembly - Side support for the plotter - Does NOT include the foot assembly
LifterQ6718-67013Starwheel lifter assembly - For Designjet printers
MotorCH538-67027Media motor - For Designjet printers
MotorQ6718-67017Starwheel motor assembly - For Designjet priners
PanelCQ113-67007Left side panel - For the Designjet Z5200 photo printer series
Paper Path ModuleCH538-67039Clean out - For the 44-inch Designjet T1200/T770 printer series
Paper Path ModuleQ6687-60093Paper advance calibration kit - For 44-inch plotters
PC BoardCK837-67005Carriage PCA - Controls movement of carriage assembly - For Designjet printers
PC BoardCN727-67020Interconnect PCA - For the Designjet T2300 printer series
PC BoardCR647-67023MSG signed analog encoder PC board
PincharmCH538-67037Pincharm assembly for roll cover - For the Designjet T1200 printer series
PrintheadF9J87AHP 744 Magenta and Yellow Printhead
PrintheadF9J88AHP 744 Mat Blk and Chrmtc Red Printhead
PrintheadF9J86AHP 744 Photo Blk and Cyan Printhead
SensorQ5669-60666Drop detector sensor assembly
SensorCH538-67041Lower left support sensor with cable - For the Designjet T series printers
SensorQ5669-67801Out of paper sensor (OOPS)
SensorCH538-67033Single sheet sensor - For the Designjet T series printers
SensorCH538-67071Window position sensor - Includes shield
SolenoidQ5669-67807Pen to paper space (PPS) solenoid - For Designjet printers
SpacerCH538-67046Left and right side wall spacers - For the Designjet T series printers
SpindleQ6687-6700144-inch spindle assembly
SpittoonQ5669-67049Left-side spittoon assembly - Holds expelled ink from cartridge during refresh cycle
StarwheelQ6687-60060Starwheel assembly - For 44-inch plotters
StripCK839-67005Encoder strip - Includes the encoder strip spring and nut - For Designjet printers
SupportE1L21-67023Low Left Support SV
ToolQ5669-60690Flex contacts cleaning tool
ToolQ6675-67018Media driver tool kit - Includes the handle for media driver tool support and the media driver adjustment tool
ToolQ6687-60084Pinchwheel insertion tool - For Designjet printers
ToolQ6675-67017Spanner tool
TrimCN727-60053Integrated front trim (Carbonite) - Includes both right and left sides
TubeQ5669-67063Basket tubes - For Designjet printers
Unknown KeywordE1L21-67032Aerosol Fan Cable SV
Unknown KeywordE1L21-67033Aerosol Fan with Cable SV
Unknown KeywordCR647-67010Bender Power Supply
Unknown KeywordE1L21-67001Case Right CH Assy SV
Unknown KeywordT0B51-67025Engine Cables for 44-in Touch screen
Unknown KeywordT0B51-67001Left Ink Cartridge Door PU SV
Unknown KeywordE1L21-67014Lower Right Support Z
Unknown KeywordT0B51-67008Puma 44-in PM Kit SV
Unknown KeywordT0B51-67020Puma 44-in Top cover SV
Unknown KeywordT0B51-67013Puma Anti-ESD Media Output Assy
Unknown KeywordT0B51-67010Puma Carriage w/o Cutter SV
Unknown KeywordT0B51-67022Puma Case Right Assy SV
Unknown KeywordT0B51-67002Puma Engine PCA w/Bender PSU
Unknown KeywordT0B51-67006Puma Left Cover w/ink door SV
Unknown KeywordT0B51-67004Puma Left Ink Supply Station S
Unknown KeywordT0B51-67015Puma Pinchwheel Assy SV
Unknown KeywordT0B51-67014Puma Print Zone Overdrive 44
Unknown KeywordT0B51-67007Puma SATA HDD w/ FW SV
Unknown KeywordT0B51-67003Puma Serial Label SV
Unknown KeywordT0B51-67011Puma Signed Line sensor SV
Unknown KeywordT0B51-67012Puma Starwheel Support Assembly
Unknown KeywordT0B51-67024Puma Stormbolt SV
Unknown KeywordT0B51-67005Puma Tube System 44 Assy SV
Unknown KeywordT0B51-67023SERVICE STATION Z with Foam
Unknown KeywordCR651-67002T1300 window 44 SV
Unknown KeywordCN727-67042T2300/T790/T1300 Formatter SV
Unknown KeywordCN727-67041T2300/T790/T1300 Front Panel SV
Unknown KeywordT0B51-67017Tube System 44 PM Kit SV PU
Unknown KeywordE1L21-67005Upper Left Roll Support Z
Unknown KeywordE1L21-67004Upper Right Roll Support Z