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HP Speaker assembly

Speaker assembly
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7.00 lbs
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within 30 days (by February 17, 2021)
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List of compatible models includes: 8540p i7-840QM 15.6 8GB/160 PC 8540w i7-720QM 15.6 8GB/500 PC 8540w i7-820QM 15.6 8GB/250 PC Compaq 8540p i5 520M 15.6 220/4GB PC Compaq 8540p i5 560M 15.6 250/2GB PC Compaq 8540p i7 640M 15.6 500/8GB PC Compaq 8540p i7 840QM 15.6 500/8GB PC Compaq 8540w i5 520M 15.6 500/4GB PC Compaq 8540w i7 620M 15.6 160/8GB PC Compaq 8540w i7 640M 256/8GB PC Compaq 8540w i7 720QM 15.6 500/16G PC Compaq 8540w i7 820QM 15.6 250/8GB PC Compaq 8540w i7 840QM 15.6 256/8 PC E8540wWi772QP5MX256MIBNCA73YeS EliteBook 8530w Win7 i7-620M 500GB PC EliteBook 8540p i5-580M 15 2GB/250 PC EliteBook 8540w i5-520M 15 2GB/250 PC EliteBook 8540w i5-560M 15 4GB/160 PC EliteBook 8540w Mobile Workstation EliteBook8540w Win7P i7-820QM 500G PC

This product is mentioned in the following documents:
HP EliteBook 8540p Notebook PC HP EliteBook 8540w Mobile Workstation Maintenance and Service Guide
LC417EP HP 8540w i7-740QM 15.6 4GB/256 PC - Spare Part Numbers
XA269EP HP EliteBook 8540p i5-520M 15 2GB/250 PC - Spare Part Numbers
SK990UC HP EliteBook 8540p i7-620M 250GB Win7P - Spare Part Numbers
SK139UC HP EliteBook 8540w i5-540M 15 4GB/160 PC - Spare Part Numbers
LC292EP HP ELITE BOOK 8540P - Spare Part Numbers

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